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Even with the advent of the Internet and the wealth of marketing potential that it harbors, the majority of marketing messages still reach audiences via traditional means like the print media. Ads in newspapers and magazines are particularly useful in disseminating a marketer’s message. In addition, other avenues for print media (brochures, direct mail, newsletters, etc.) can prove to be just as effective in a strategic marketing plan. Media Moguls will reinforce your company’s image and bolster your advertising efforts with professional print media design. Our designs are clean and inviting, grabbing the attention of your target audience and communicating a clear message. When applicable, we can also have your project professionally printed for you.

Web Design. . .

Your web site is your window to the world. When viewing your site, visitors must be able to derive who you are, what you’re selling, and what your message is. Furthermore, a web presence is your sole means of interfacing with the Internet-browsing public, and subsequently you want to be able to maintain their interest as well as provide them with a useful online experience. Media Moguls will create an engaging Internet presence for you that will command attention, stimulate sales, and ultimately improve your overall bottom-line. Our web designs are innovative, aesthetically appealing, and superbly functional, creating ideal conditions for a positive online experience. We’ll enhance your site with the latest web technologies, including: HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript programming, Flash animation and multi-media, a MySQL database and SQL coding, and effective e-commerce solutions. In addition, our experience and excellence in graphic design and layout will help make your web site look its best. All in all, we’ll design a site for you that will heighten online awareness of your organization and keep visitors coming back again and again.

Web Banners. . .

David Moncoutie won the 12th stage, becoming the 15th Frenchman since World War II to win on Bastille Day, France's national holiday.

Beltran, one of several riders Armstrong relies on to lead him up the Tour's brutal climbs, touched wheels with another racer and crashed on the day's first ascent, hitting his head. He was so dazed he didn't know where he was.

“He was asking, 'Where is the peloton? Where is the peloton?''' said team manager Johan Bruyneel, adding the Spaniard gingerly picked himself up off the sun-baked tarmac.

Beltran, who goes by the nickname “Triki'' and has been part of Armstrong's Tour-winning team since 2003, remounted his bike with difficulty and pedaled on for about 6 miles until a race doctor said he should stop, Bruyneel said.

Web Marketing. . .

Creating online exposure for your company and web site is crucial to the success of any Internet campaign. Media Moguls can give you a head start using a few key and time-tested techniques. First, we’ll register your new site with the major search engines and directories, optimizing your search engine placement for certain key search words and phrases. Next, we’ll establish a network of web links directed at your site through the use of link reciprocation services. Generating links to your site is one of the most effective ways to augment your site’s traffic and target customers who are genuinely interested in what you’re selling. Link building also improves your site’s rank with some key search engines (i.e., Google). Finally, we’ll put your new banner ads to use for you by initiating your own web banner campaign. By submitting your site to one or several online banner exchange services, we’ll ensure that your banners are viewed by the appropriate audience, increasing the probability of generating qualified sales leads on your site.

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