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Approve Link Requests

Select which Link Requests you want to Approve, and which to ignore.
Accepted links are then automatically added to your Recirocal Links page.
To avoid SPAM, you can also block repeated requests by IP number.
Remove Links

Individually select links to be automatically removed from your site.
Directly place links on your links page to other sites.

Manually add a link to your links page. Includes an optional 'Nudge' feature, which allows you to add their link first and send a 'nudge' asking for a link in return. For example, if you know the email address of the webmaster at the other site, this tool will 'Nudge' that webmaster by sending an email greeting letting them know that you have linked to them, and will include the HTML code for them to add a link back to you.
dead links from your links page.

Periodically, the sites hosting the links on your links page may go offline, sometimes temporarily, and sometimes permanently. This tool lets you find dead links and remove them from your links page. Note: After pressing this button, there will be a slight delay while the program checks the validity of each link.
Manually Check Reciprocal Links.

This tool allows you to verify that sites with links on your links page are in turn placing YOUR link on their links pages. Note: After pressing this button, there will be a slight delay while the program searches for your link on each of the links pages of your link partners.
Configure system and set Variables.

Over 50 user configurable variables. Total and simple customization.

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