Welcome, Today is Wednesday, April 26th.

How To Find Us.

Our address is 5626 Broadview Road, Cleveland Ohio 44134. Our facility is located on the Westside of the street, North of the corner where Rockside Road changes its name to Snow Road.

You may contact us by phone at either (800) 899-1878 or (216) 635-7777. Fax: (216) 635-7786. Email: [email protected].

Location: While our main facility is centrally located in Northeastern Ohio near the intersection of Interstates 480 and 77, VST provides services throughout all of Ohio and surrounding states.

Business Hours: Our standard hours of operation are 8 AM to 5 PM. However, as with all our services, we are happy to make special arrangements by appointment.

Accommodations: If an over night stay is necessary, VST is happy to assist with hotel accommodations at either the Cleveland South Hilton, located at Interstates 480 & 77 or the Holiday Inn on Rockside Road.

We appreciate your interest and we are excited at the opportunity of working with you. Give us a call and tell us how we can be of service!!