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About Media Moguls

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A Plus

Ever since 1987, Computers Made Easy (CME) has been serving the public by building and designing thousands of systems for single-home users and businesses throughout the state of Ohio. CME concentrated on the selling of computer hardware, software, and technical assistance as well as maintenance. The company produced and sold anything from custom computers like NT and Novell servers to Windows 98 per-to-per networks. In addition, it furnished desktop publishing services to its customers. Such services included (but were not exclusive to) the creation of newsletters, business cards, and brochures for clients.

Media Moguls
"An Integration of Communications Technologies"

In 1998, Media Moguls emerged from CME in an effort to offer a wider range of communications services to the public. Under new management, the agency still provided exceptional computer hardware, software, and technical assistance (including desktop publishing services) to its customers. However, now this unique marriage of talent and ability could also deliver expertise in web site development, graphic design, and writing for a variety of clients' business and individual needs. In short, Media Moguls catered to multiple needs across a vast technological and communications spectrum.

What will the company do
for you?

Possibly the company's most valuable asset as a service provider is its attentiveness to customer needs and the extensive customer service support it provides throughout ongoing projects. Every step of the way, you can count on Media Moguls to be thoroughly dedicated to your satisfaction.


A Versatile, Reliable Provider of Internet Services

Whether you want to develop a powerful Internet site to communicate with the public, an intranet to communicate with or train your employees, or an extranet to put you online with your vendors and direct customers, our web development team will take your Internet site beyond a mere web presence. We'll help you create a more engaging experience for visitors to your site that builds a community of users and elicits a response in the form of leads, orders, and/or feedback. We can also develop sites that let you conduct secure online transactions, utilizing extensive databases and highly customized pages. Thus, web consulting and construction via Media Moguls easily enhances the profitability and effectiveness of your site.

The majority of our development work is done "off-site". Nevertheless, Media Moguls can provide most services remotely without sacrificing the quality or integrity of your product. And our services don't end with putting your site online. We become your web partner, offering ongoing support. We'll review your monthly web site statistics and suggest ideas for building traffic, continually monitor your placement on search engines to ensure high visibility, provide fast turnaround on content updates, and keep you informed of the latest web technologies.


Here are just a few of the web capabilities that we can put to work for you:

  • Audio, video, and animations
  • Customized content
  • Template-based pages
  • Hard coded dynamic pages
  • Databases with search capabilities
  • User tracking and data collection
  • Complete Web Site Statistics
  • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
  • Technical Support



Who we are:

Media Moguls is a service provider that offers web coding, design, and development, graphic design for the print media, professional copywriting, computer sales and maintenance, and educational products. With many years of combined experience, we promote an integrated, communications solution to our customers.

Our location:

Media Moguls is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but has the ability to service work requests all over the world due to the global reach and impact of the modern World Wide Web.

Our mission:

Our main objective is to offer a wide range of quality communications services to the public. We provide a multi-faceted, business communications solution, eliminating our customers' need to deal with several different agencies to accomplish the same ends. Moreover, our combined skill sets allow us the flexibility to work on many different kinds of projects without sacrificing quality or the integrity of your product.

Our services:

  • Web Coding, Design, and Development – Allow us to enhance your Internet presence and applications with the following technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript programming, Flash animation and multi-media, a MySQL database and SQL coding, and effective e-commerce solutions. Collectively, these techniques and features provide a solid foundation for both a visually appealing and superbly functional end-product. In addition, our experience in graphic design and layout can help make your web site and/or application look its best.
  • Web Banners and Advertisements – Media Moguls can help you supplement your company's Internet campaign with professionally designed web banner ads. Our static and multi-media banners will stimulate interest in your company, generate "click-throughs", and drive valuable, additional traffic to your site.
  • Print Design – Our talented staff can design and create a multitude of "ready-for-print" business collateral pieces including display advertisements, brochures, newsletters, business cards, letterhead, flyers, catalogs, and more.
  • Copywriting – We can write engaging, "benefits-oriented", professional copy for a variety of marketing applications including (but not limited to) web sites,

advertisements, brochures, and direct mail pieces. We can also generate copy for manuals, human resources applications, and other kinds of internal company literature.

  • Computer Sales & Maintenance – Media Moguls sells over 6,000 brand-name computer products, ranging from individual components to highly-configurable systems, All of our products are offered at wholesale prices, come with a standard, one-year depot warranty, and have the option of being installed, maintained, and fully supported by a trained technician.
  • Computer Training – Media Moguls can deliver the newest and most relevant learning tools whenever and wherever you need them. With expertise in over 150 software packages and the ability to teach a multitude of topics, we can conduct classes "on-site" as well as provide individual instruction. Convenient, online courses are coming soon. Furthermore, we practice creative teaching techniques to make learning more interactive and fun. Custom-made, interactive, "video game" learning tools are sold separately. A+, Microsoft, and MOUS certified training classes are also available from our certified training staff.

Our business philosophies and practices:

  • Professionalism – We guarantee professional and expeditious development of your project.
  • Quality – We pride ourselves on only providing QUALITY work to our customers.
  • Customer Service – Great emphasis is placed on your needs, and we will ALWAYS go the extra mile to ensure that you get exactly what you ask for.
  • Accessibility – We are available around the clock to assist you with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Contact us:

A Media Moguls representative can easily be reached via our web site, e-mail, phone, or the US Mail. Generally, we will respond within 1-2 business days following receipt of your initial contact. Contact us today - we'd love to hear from you!